The Courage To Lead. When Other's Won't.
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84 Seconds on Healthcare

60 Seconds on The Opioid Crisis

60 Seconds on The National Debt

60 Seconds on Immigration

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A Life Spent Getting Things DONE

A successful business leader, innovator, investor and marketing executive, Mark Gonsalves has spent a lifetime leading businesses through periods of rapid change. Like you, he is tired of watching partisan political food fights when America’s mounting problems demand courageous leadership now more than ever. 

Mark is seeking the Republican nomination in the 7th Congressional District in Georgia

The Key Issues

Get to know where Mark stands on the issues facing all of us today. These are the top three; the National Debt, fixing Health Care and our Border Crisis.


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Join the Movement

There’s nothing more invigorating than the power of volunteerism. March with Mark to Congress.

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