Forsyth County News Sits Down With Mark


As the number of candidates seeking the seat for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District climbs, Republican candidate Mark Gonsalves is hoping to separate himself from the pack.

Gonsalves, a businessman and entrepreneur, is one of nine candidates vying to become the Republican nominee for the seat after incumbent Rep. Rob Woodall announced earlier this year he would not seek re-election for the seat he’s held since 2011.

Gonsalves is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth and has worked as a real estate investor in the United States and Mexico, CEO of the Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy in Hilton Head, South Carolina, directed the acquisition of Nature’s Brands Inc., and other ventures.

Healthcare and associated costs are expected to be one of the big topics of discussion in the race, and Gonsalves said those topics were often talked about “in terms of repeal and replace, single-payer, Medicare, Medicaid. I disagree with all of that conversation.”

Instead, Gonsalves said he wants to see more pricing transparency in healthcare, which he said would open the free market, and increased information for customers about healthcare outcomes between hospitals.

“As soon as we create that environment, what will happen is it will create competition, which we know will drive prices down and will improve the quality of the services we get. It’s a huge win for our citizenry,” he said.