Fixing Health Care


Step 1 on the Road to Fixing Health Care

Health care is eating 18% of our Gross Domestic Product, more than any other nation on earth, up from 4% when I was a teenager.

Americans are by far the world’s largest consumers of health care, yet few know the real cost of a visit to a doctor, or the tests ordered by doctors. We don’t know the real cost of the prescription drugs. We don’t know the true cost of a hospital visit. 


Health care is the only thing we buy without having any idea what it costs, except with each passing year our health insurance premiums continue to rise. The only ones who do know what things actually cost are the doctors and the hospitals who bill the insurance companies that cut the checks.

The first step in fixing our health care system is true transparency in the health care marketplace. Only when we shed light on who is charging whom, for what, will the marketplace do what it does best; create competition, drive prices down, and improve the quality of our health care.