Free Speech


Private Monopolies are Restricting ‘Free Speech’

Without free speech we are not a free nation. Without free speech you are not a free person.

- Mark Gonsalves, May, 2019

We face a situation today our Founders could never have anticipated when they enshrined the First Amendment into the Constitution. 

Facebook has become America’s Newspaper. Facebook is a privately controlled Monopoly whose owner is now more powerful than the President, a man who is now deciding who gets to say what, silencing those who violate his arbitrary and ever-changing standards. 

Google has become America’s Library. Google is a privately controlled Monopoly whose owners determine what we see after entering words into a search bar, who is allowed to post what on YouTube, silencing those who violate their arbitrary and ever changing standards.

Coming soon to the United States is a debate about the first amendment, and how we preserve a freedom that has kept us free. I stand with those who want to preserve the freedom that keeps us free, and curtailing the power of monopolies to control our national dialogue.