Fulton County News Covers Mark at Tea Party Event

On Monday, Republican candidates Mark Gonsalves and Jacqueline Tseng spoke at a meeting hosted by the Forsyth County Tea Party. Both are among 14 candidates – nine Republicans and five Democrats – who are hoping to replace Rep. Rob Woodall, who announced earlier this year he would not seek re-election for the seat he has held since 2011.

Gonsalves, a businessman and entrepreneur, referred to several topics as “black swans,” or a warning of something “not normal.” One of those black swans was the national debt, which Gonsalves said had grown from $6 trillion to $22 trillion since 2000, “almost a four-fold increase in 20 years.”

“There was a time when we Republicans were the party of fiscal discipline. We were the party of balanced budgets. We were the party of smaller government. We were the adults in the room willing to impose some restraints on the national credit card,” Gonsalves said. “What happened to those principles we once professed to be our own? We will soon leave for the next generation a Social Security and Medicare system headed directly toward bankruptcy.”

Other issues addressed by Gonsalves dealt with healthcare, such as holding drug companies responsible for their role in the opioid epidemic and allowing more transparency and competition in the industry. 

“Americans are by far the world’s largest consumers of healthcare, yet no one in this room, no one, has any idea what the real cost is of a trip to the doctor or the tests our doctors order,” he said. “We don’t know the real cost of the prescription drugs we take. We don’t know the true cost of a hospital visit. Healthcare is the only thing we buy that we have absolutely no idea what it costs except with each passing year our health insurance premiums continue to rise.”

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