Stopping Socialism


Stopping the March Toward Socialism

Anybody who has studied the rise and fall of nations…anybody who has studied history…anybody who is reasonably well read knows that the quickest route to economic prosperity is capitalism. 

Capitalism isn’t perfect, but history teaches beyond any doubt it is a system superior to socialism or communism. 

Yet in the past 5 years, too many Americans have soured on capitalism. Democrats came close to giving Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, the Democratic nomination in 2016. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quickly rose to national prominence based upon her advocacy of socialist ideals.


The reason many Americans find socialism appealing is capitalism has not worked well for them. They are the young now saddled with an unconscionable level of college debt. They are the one-time factory workers who saw their jobs shipped overseas thanks to trade agreements that did not treat American workers well. They are those who took it on the chin in the recession of 2008 who never recovered what they lost. They are those who have survived on stagnant wages and gone without a raise in the past decade. They are those who have seen crony capitalism make and enrich dozens of new billionaires who have profited from rigged rules..  

Too many workers in the United State have no real (inflation-adjusted) income growth since the Reagan years. The top 1% own more of the wealth in the United States than the bottom 90% combined. 

There are hard questions that need to be asked about the concentration of wealth in the United States…and why a system that is supposed to lift all boats has lifted too few.

Saving capitalism, and the system that made America the greatest economic engine on earth requires all Americans have a fair shot of climbing the rungs of the economic ladder.